We fix all types of foundations, whether poured, block, or stone. All repairs are guaranteed for 15 years with a transferable warranty that ensures our work meets a high standard of quality
Our foundation waterproofing procedure begins by chipping and sealing all cracks with a non-shrink grout. After cracks are chipped and patched with non-shrink grout, Bakor Emulsion is applied to serve as a flood boot. We then fasten and seal a System Platon Membrane to the foundation walls.
All of our foundation parging uses with high-bond cement, dry mixed with sand, then wet mixed. After application, the parging is floated out to provide a smooth, clean finish. Latex glue is used as the bonding agent in all of our parging work.
Either by machine or by hand, we have the capabilities of getting through the toughest rock, including granite. Whether a full perimeter or a one-crack dig, no job is too big or too small.
Specializing in custom home renovations.
We specialize in forming, pouring, and finishing concrete. We also deal with demolition and removal.
During the winter season we provide snow removal services in Ottawa’s west end.
Dry, Durable, Dependable
Braden Services